Who The Hell Am I?

An insane man moonlighting as a respectable member of society from Portland, Oregon. A rock n roller since his mother first spun The Police’s “Roxanne,” I’m also a dabbler in soul, funk, jazz, blues, electronic and hip-hop but perhaps it’s easier to list what I don’t like: most gangster rap, country-western and modern metal disagrees with my stomach.

Once upon a time, a friend told me to write about music. So I started doing that under the title of a Willie Bobo cover by Santana. Now I wonder about what Stu McKenzie has for breakfast, why Danger Mouse and/or John Congleton are the best damn record producers this side of the millennium and why Common is my favourite hip-hop star. Been working on that last one for nearly a decade now. No answers yet.

If you want to see if your music agrees with my stomach, shoot me an email at thefriedneckbones@gmail.com, subject line NEW MUSIC SUBMISSION (all caps so I know you mean it) along with basic information (album/single artist, title, producer, label, genre). I don’t promise to review everything, but I do promise to listen to anything sent my way.


I also write for Atwood Magazine

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