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“I was this close,” I said, suddenly, interrupting my own train of thought, raising two hands with about of foot of air between them, “to finishing an outline on the damn thing.” But then I thought, if Eskimo Joe only needed deliver halfway on this Girl, then that hands me carte blanche on how to review the damn thing.

Outer Peace is not so much a record as a thirty minute DJ set—nothing makes it past four minutes, everything ephemeral, a slinking sleuthing swirling spinning series of singles that lock together like a jigsaw puzzle yet flow like a stutter-step butterfly flight.

MassEducation by St. Vincent Review “But if they only knew the real version of me Only you know the secrets, the swamp, and the fear What happened to blood? Our family? Annie, how could you do this to me?” -“Happy Birthday, Johnny” How the fuck did this happen? How could nothing but a piano and […]