Release Date Buffet: 5/18/2018

Quick Impressions:

André 3000 – Look Ma No Hands EP
Producer: André 3000
Label: Self Released
Genre: Avant-Garde Jazz, Art Pop
Quick Impressions:
André 3000 wrote a 17-minute free jazz piece that crosses the melancholy of “Stardust” with the pain of “Alabama,” is chock-full of improvisatory exercises, found-sounds and features a James Blake piano that crushes the interplay with 3000’s tenor saxophone. And it’s all for 3000’s mother, who passed away in 2013. This is a jazzfan’s dream, and I’m currently not awake.

Bombino – Deran
Producer: Eric Herman
Label: Partisan
Genre: Tishoumaren (Desert Blues)
Quick Impressions:
Tuareg bluesman, Bombino, is back with Deran, a brick-a-brack record bursting with guitar riffs that recall guembris and ouds and spin Saharan tales. Pair it with dervish lyrics and folk traditions from the Maghreb and we have ourselves a true blues fusion record where the blues are being fused into another genre rather than the other way around. You can look up the lyrics if you want, but you’ll miss out on the insanely smooth grooves.

Charles Watson (of Slow Club) – Now That I’m A River
Producer: Charles Watson
Label: Moshi Moshi Records
Genre: Pop Folk, Chamber Pop, R&B
Quick Impressions:
Looks like Alex Turner’s not so lonely after all this month in the smokey jazz lounge, as Charles Watson glides on his airy folk register over slow R&B ballads and sheds a baroque tear as he rocks back-n-forth, mic in hand. Thankfully there’s more guitar, but it’s just as heavy on the plod. Clearly, we now know who swung to the Complete Surrender swing a little harder.

I’m quite intrigued.

Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel
Producer: Courtney Barnett, Burke Reid Dan Luscombe
Label: Milk, Mom + Pop
Genre: Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Quick Impressions:
I had a peculiar sensation happen this Sunday, I had a conversation with the Stupid Part of My Brain (the one that’s spitballin’ funny voices and terrible puns in the back of class) before even listening to it—well, when I say conversation, I mean a delinquent diatribe; here’s a highlight:

Well, kid indie, word on the street is—is that Barnett’s gone capital-h-hard. Opposites man, she’s not gone soft, she’s gone hard. I guess you could say I’m telling you how she really feels, heh, well, anyways kid. Look out for this record, ol’ Court’s knocked it out of the court, heh, just watch t-that Sheila go, you won’t regret it, kid. Go forth and prosper to the tunes of ol’ Court.

I know who Courtney Barnett is: one of Australia’s more popular cultural exports (after meat pies, Tame Impala and this) but more importantly, a toprate guitarist, a singer-songwriter rocker and the closest contemporary to Kurt Vile. She’s added a grungier, noiser groove to her rhythm sections (thanks to producer Luscombe), and inching is ever closer to a Seattle sound yet still finding places to insert her laidback, beachrock Lou Reed talk-sing tone before actually *gasp* singing, to mixed results; She’s a little glummer on this record, but as the the Stupid Part of My Brain says, “go forth and prosper to the tunes of ol’ Court.” Perhaps it’s not so stupid after all.

John Maus – Addendum
Producer: John Maus
Label: Ribbon
Genre: Hypnagogic Pop, Synthpop
Quick Impressions:
Hypnagogic Pop, which in any modern music lover’s head should just mean a cross between psychedelic rock and New Wave (think lo-fi Joy Division or Talking Heads on acid), is the genrechild of John Maus and Ariel Pink. It’s seen the invigoration of lo-fi, synthwave and dreampop and honestly, should go down as a life achievement. (If the Beatles get psychedelic pop then damnit, Maus and Pink get hypnagognic pop!) But for a persona who cross the threshold between convivial and prickly, this record stays relatively lowkey and lax on the hooks compared to the recent Pink disc. It plays well but besides a little Goth influence, it doesn’t really rock the boat.

Michael Rault – It’s A New Day Tonight
Producer: Michael Rault, Wayne Gordon
Label: Wick, Sleepless
Genre: Folk Rock, Pop Psych
Quick Impressions:
I have a soft spot for this combogenre, folk Psych, it just works together. Some of the more memorable psychedelic moments are when sound is stripped away like layers of conscious only for it percolate together again before a simple warbling radio-voice and Lego-brick instrumentation rather than the sheer cliffs of sound. It’s the sparse music put together by light breakdowns rather than more brimming palates of modern psych-artists like Pond or even Glass Animals. No textures, no ambience, just shady chords, loose-strung guitars and an occasion sunburst synth flourish. Perfect, now I just need a mojito. But, I’ve rambled and kudos to Rault for getting me rambling, because if a record can get me thinking it’s probably worth the listen. The only problem? After cut five the record hits snooze and flies past the ears, a curious choice of pace—it’s a hitmaker that kaputs into a mood album. It still works, but it’s clunky.

Nedelle Torrisi – Only For You
Producer: Nedelle Torrisi, Billy Uomo
Label: Frenchkiss
Genre: Alternative R&B, neo-Soul, Synthpop
Quick Impression:
Oh it’s sleek this one—sleek as a fish chasing a CGI waterfall, it’s no scrub of a record, showcasing a lovesick lady, Ms. Torrisi who ain’t too proud to beg yet is automatic in her vocal register and ready to kick her game of sultry, sexy modern R&B. And if you’re diggin’ on it, surely it will be diggin’ on you—just be prepared for the mid-nineties throwbacks and a couple of spots where unmarked intro-ludes and intermission-ludes foreplay the cuts for well over half the festivities of a cut.

Parquet Courts – Wide Awake!
Producer: Danger Mouse
Label: Rough Trade
Genre: Art Punk, Indie Rock
Quick Impressions:
Danger Mouse never ceases to amaze me with his mammoth range of artists. But despite my love of his mired-in-melancholy mood records, he’s often never been one to work past that sound (excepting efforts with U2 and Norah Jones). Well here his touch is lighter than ever, which actually aids the famously shaggy Parkay Quarts in working together the found-sound ridiculousness of Monastic Living and select Life on Mars-esque pieces from the threeway Porker’s Corner-Daniele Luppi-Karen O collab of Milano with the early directness of Light Up Gold and Tally All The Things You Broke onto a sixth outing that’s tighter than Human Performance. Both Andrew Savage and Austin Browns vocals and guitars are in top form, Sean Yeaton’s bass is funkin’ around the place, Max Savage retains control of the drumkit (the most important bit of this equation), Brown found a sound-buddy for all his synthy tendencies and goddamnit, “Tenderness” is just a raggin’ good time. It’s iconoclast, sheeny art-funk-punk and I can’t help but think: if the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs were Siouxsie Sioux of the new New York punk scene, then ol’ Prospect Quetzlcoats are the Talking Heads, no matter how you spell it.

Quiet Slang (Beach Slang) – Everything Matters But No One Is Listening
Producer: James Alex, Dave Downham
Label: Polyvinyl
Genre: Chamber Pop, Indie Rock
Quick Impressions:
James Alex has apparently been listening to Stephen Merritt. I don’t listen to Stephen Merrit, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the piano and violin, which duet across this album so perfectly that I honestly don’t want to listen to a Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings ever again (that’s a lie, I love pop-punk too much). Do yourself a favour and give this record a listen, it’s an absolute gem of poignant chamber music, even if the lyrics don’t quite match the tone.

Ryley Walker – Deafman Glance
Producer: LeRoy Bach
Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Psychedelic Folk, Singer/Songwriter
Quick Impressions:
Ryley Walker is sick of everything. He’s sick of archetypes, he’s sick of jamming and he’s sick of people saying they like to hike on their Tinder profiles. Putting together flutes and woodwinds and guitar lines, Walker says he wanted to craft an anti-folk psychedelic-folk record. What it really sounds like however, is a softer solo effort with Vedderesque zests from Binaural and moments of pure Mayer jazz lounge music. For something that was declared to be so anti-folk, it definitely seems bizarre to content itself with such easy listening segues but even if its internal logic seems bizarre to those peering through the glass, it’s an elegant effort.

TT (Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman) – LoveLaws
Producer: Theresa Wayman, Ivan Wayman, Dan Carey, Money Mark
Label: LoveLeaks, Caroline
Genre: Trip Hop, Art Pop
Quick Impressions:
jennylee’s debut was rock solid—a good introductory to one of the parts behind Warpaints four-piece, post-punk-goth-psych-triphop-Zepparella sounds (guess which part of that list she contributes to). But LoveLaws? This is something else, this is the confirmation of one of a sneaking suspicion: if AC/DC is meant to get the hot-blooded male pumping then the Warpaint gals are every bit the spinners of erotic gloom for the ladies. Of course, this is just plain good music, an examination of the question: “what if Warpaint ran with the triphop a little more?” The answer: “why don’t they do that more?”  Oh well, if the Warpaint banshee-amazons want to carve these niches as solo artists, then I’m just glad I have ears to hear it. Now I just want tickets to see it.

Turtle Skull – Turtle Skull
Producer: Dan Frizza
Label: Art As Catharsis
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Quick Impressions:
Somebady! Somebady! Anybady please! Call Mr. Terry of the Chicago Tribune and tell ‘em I found it. I found the band he should have been listening to when it comes to Tame Impala crossovers: Turtle Skull. The cover art is Santana meets Captain Beyond meets Blue Öyster Cult and the music? They play out as brutal as the thought of baby turtle skulls crushed under the steel-toed boots with flower-power stickers. They need to flesh out their frequency overloading some more, but damn if they don’t play a dense brand of metal reminiscent of the end of hippiedom.

Other New Releases of the Past Week:


Arcadian Child – Afterglow
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock

Ash – Islands
Label: Infectious
Genre: Power Pop, Alternative Rock

Big Ups – Two Parts Together
Label: Exploding In Sound
Genre: Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore 

Colour Me Wednesday – Counting Pennies in the Afterlife
Label: Dovetown
Genre: Pop Punk, Riot grrrl

Elder Brother – Stay Inside
Label: Pure Noise
Genre: Midwest Emo

Family of the Year – Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Nighttime
Label: Reprise
Genre: Indie Rock

Feel Alright – In Bad Faith
Label: Pleasence
Genre: Garage Rock, Power Pop 

Frog Eyes – Violet Psalms
Label: Paper Bag
Genre: Art Rock, Indie Rock

The Front Bottoms – Ann EP
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Genre: Indie Rock, Emo Pop

James Bay – Electric Light
Label: Republic
Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Pop 

Just Fern – Feminology
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Art-Punk, Queercore, lo-fi 

Kevlar – Aftermath EP
Label: CB
Genre: Hard Rock 

Low Cut Connie – Dirty Pictures (Part 2)
Label: Contender
Genre: Rock & Roll 

Matt Costa – Santa Rosa Fangs
Label: Dangerbird
Genre:  Alternative Rock

Matthew Sweet – Tomorrow’s Daughter
Label: MRI
Genre: Power Pop

Label: Song in the Air
Genre: Alternative Rock, Grunge

Postdata – Let’s Be Wilderness
Label: Paper Bag
Genre: Alternative Rock 

Red Red Eyes – Horology
Label: Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Genre: Indie Pop, Psychedelic Rock

Remember Sports (formerly Sports) – Slow Buzz
Label: Father/Daughter
Genre: Pop Punk, Indie Rock 

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Sparkle Hard
Label: Matador
Genre: Indie Rock

 West Thebarton – Different Beings Being Different
Genre: Domestic La La
Genre: Garage Rock 

Wilder Maker – Zion
Label: Northern Spy
Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental

Wussy – What Heaven Is Like
Label: Shake It
Genre: Indie Rock


Amorphis – Queen of Time
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Progressive Metal

At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself
Label: Century Media
Genre: Melodic Death Metal 

Bad Wolves – Disobey
Label: Eleven Seven
Genre: Progressive Metal

Burn The Priest (Lamb of God) – Legion: XX (Covers Album)
Label: Epic, Nuclear Blast
Genre: Metalcore 

Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice for None
Label: Prospect Park
Genre: Groove Metal, Alternative Rock 

Fotocrime – Principle of Pain
Label: Rough Trade
Genre: Post-Punk, Darkwave 

Governess – Zero
Label: Sister Polygon
Genre: Post-Punk 

High Priestess – High Priestess
Label: Ripple
Genre: Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock 

Mayflower Madame – Premonition EP
Label: Night Cult
Genre: Post-Punk, Darkwave, Psychedelic Rock 

Necros Christos – Domedon Doxomedon (Triple Album)
Label: Sepulchral Voice
Genre: Death Metal, Black Metal 

Nihil Eyes – Black Path
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal

Nocturnal Graves – Titan
Label: Underground Activists
Genre: Black Metal 

Overkill – Live In Overhausen
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Metal 

Spiral Skies – Blues for a Dying Planet
Label: AOP
Genre: Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock 

Wax Chattels – Wax Chattels
Label: Captured Tracks
Genre: Post-Punk

Wax Idols – Happy Ending
Label: Etruscan Gold
Genre: Post-Punk


A. Wesley Chung – Neon Coast
Label: LP
Genre: Alternative Folk, Alt-Country 

Barry Walker – Diaspora Urkontinent
Label: Light in the Attic
Genre: World, New Age 

Buck Meek (Big Thief) – Buck Meek
Label: Keeled Scales
Genre: Indie Folk, lo-fi Indie 

The Dead Tongues – Unsung Passage
Label: Psychic Hotline
Genre: Americana 

Elza Soares – Deus é Mulher
Label: Deck
Genre: Vanguarda paulista, Art Rock 

Fatoumata Diawara – Fenfo (Something to Say)
Label: Shanachie
Genre: World

Gretchen Peters – Dancing With The Beast
Label: Scarlet Letter, Proper
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Americana

Jennifer Castle – Angels of Death
Label: Idée Fixe, Paradise of Bachelors
Genre: Indie Folk, Singer/Songwriter 

Kelly Willis – Back Being Blue
Genre: Country, Singer/Songwriter 

Lida Husik – Motheroceanmorning
Label: Self-Rleased
Genre: Indie Folk

Maluma – F.A.M.E.
Label: Sony Music Latin
Genre: Reggaeton, Latin Pop

Modern Studies – Welcome Strangers
Label: Fire
Genre: Indie Folk, Chamber Pop

Ray LaMontagne – Part of the Light
Label: RCA
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Americana 

Ziggy Marley – Rebellion Rises
Label: Sony Music Latin
Genre: Reggae


The Last Poets – Understand What Black Is
Label: Studio Rockers
Genre: Jazz Poetry

Nellie McKay – Sister Orchid
Label: Palmetto
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Jazz Pop

Rhythm & Blues/Funk/Soul:

DRAMA – Lies After Love EP
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Alternative R&B

Joe Bonamassa – British Blues Explosion Live!
Label: J&R Adventures
Genre: Blues

Kyle – Light of Mine
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Pop Rap, Contemporary R&B

Mamas Gun – Golden Days
Label: Go!
Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul

Otis Redding – Dock Of The Bay Sessions
Label: Rhino
Genre: R&B, Soul 

Patrick Paige II (The Internet) – Letters of Irrelevance
Label: Empire
Genre: Neo-Soul, West Coast Hip Hop 

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Are YOU One of Jay’s Kids?
Label: Manifesto
Genre: R&B/Soul 

Witch Prophet – The Golden Octave
Label: 88 Days Of Fortune
Genre: Alternative R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop


Beta Librae – Sanguine Bond
Label: Incienso
Genre: Tech House, Deep House

BTS – Love Yourself Tear
Label: Big Hit
Genre: K-Pop

DJDS – Big Wave More Fire
Label: Loma Vista
Genre: Electropop, Deep House

Forest Swords – DJ-Kicks
Label: !K7
Genre: Dance, Drone 

Gas – Rausch
Label: Kompakt
Genre: Ambient Techno, Ambient 

Harrison Lipton – Loveliness
Label: Yellow K
Genre: lo-fi, Dreampop, Indie Rock

James Ferraro – Four Pieces for Mirai EP
Label: Self Released
Genre: Progressive Electronic, Post-Industrial 

Magic Wands – Abrakadabra
Label: Cleopatra
Genre: Dreampop, Electronic 

Mary Lattimore – Hundreds of Days
Label: Ghostly
Genre: Ambient, New Age 

Middle Class Fashion – Ego
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Synthpop, Art Pop

Moomin – Yesterday’s Tomorrows
Label: Wolf
Genre: Deep House 

Marcus Marr – Familiar Five: Remixed EP
Label: DFA
Genre: Dance, Acid House

Now, Now – Saved
Label: Trans-
Genre: Indie Pop, Synthpop

oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls – Faminine Mystique
Label: Nihjgt Feelings
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo 

Paul Kalkbrenner – Parts of Life
Label: Sony Germany
Genre: Tech House, Minimal Techno 

Pema – Bad Habits
Label: Topshelf
Genre: Electropop 

The Presets – HI VIZ
Label: Universal Music Australia
Genre: Dance 

The Ramona Flowers – Strangers
Label: Distiller
Genre: Electropop

Skee Mask – Compro
Label: Ilian Tape
Genre: Breakbeat, Ambient Techno 

Xavier Dunn – Isic Tutor EP
Label: 1825
Genre: Dreampop, Electropop


Lil B – Platinum Flame Mixtape
Label: Basedworld
Genre: Mobb Music, West Coast Hip Hop

MC Paul Barman – (​(​(​echo chamber​)​)​)
Label: Mello
Genre: Abstract Hip Hop, Conscious Hip Hop

Nav – Reckless
Label: X♥O, Republic
Genre: Trap Rap, Alternative R&B 

Ric Wilson – BANBA EP
Label: Innovative Leisure
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap 

Saba Saba – Saba Saba
Label: Tujjababya
Genre: Afrobeat Hip-Hop 

Sen Morimoto – Cannonball!
Label: 88Rising, Sooper
Genre: Jazz Rap

Various Artists – Rapture (Music from the Netflix Original TV Series) EP
Label: Def Jam
Genre: Hip Hop


The Breeders – Last Splash (Vinyl Reissue)
Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock 

The Breeders – Mountain Battles (Vinyl Reissue)
Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock

The Breeders – Pod (Vinyl Reissue)
Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock

The Breeders – Title TK (Vinyl Reissue)
Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie Rock

Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) – Bodysong (Reissue)
Label: XL
Genre: Electronic

King Diamond – Abigail (Reissue)
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Heavy Metal

King Diamond – Fatal Portrait (Reissue)
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Heavy Metal

King Diamond – Them (Reissue)
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Heavy Metal 

Lenny Kravitz – Greatest Hits (Vinyl Reissue)
Label: Virgin
Genre: Alternative Rock 

Paul McCartney – Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (Reissue)
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop Rock

Paul McCartney – New (Reissue)
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop Rock 

Paul McCartney – Thrillington (Reissue)
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop Rock 

Paul McCartney – Wings Greatest (Reissue)
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop Rock 

Steve Miller Band – Complete Albums Volume 1 (1968-1976)
Label: Universal Music Group
Genre: Classic Rock 

Wire – 154 (CD Books Reissue)
Label: Pink Flag
Genre: New Wave

Wire – Chairs Missing (CD Books Reissue)
Label: Pink Flag
Genre: New Wave

Wire – Pink Flag (CD Books Reissue)
Label: Pink Flag
Genre: New Wave



One thought on “Release Date Buffet: 5/18/2018

  1. When I first Bombino a little over 2 yrs ago, he made me fall in love with the guitar all over again (I’ve been playing for about 17 yrs). He made me see my instrument differently, and there are few artists that do that these days. Really loving the new record. Just endless hooks.


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