How To Be A Human Being: The Glass Animals Way!

The Sophomore Slump?

How in the hell does a band follow a debut like Zaba?

Where does one go after taking listeners for a ride down the Amazon?

If you have these questions, then Glass Animals would like to invite you to a change of scene with How To Be A Human Being.

I didn’t think they could do it, but, slowly and gently, Glass Animals takes the listener from the depths of the Amazon to a suburban Sahara.

The key here is “slowly and gently.” Meander is also a good descriptor.

And they definitely meander before the stellar tracks like “Mama’s Gun” and “Poplar Street.” But hey, no one ever explored by sticking to the path, and these animals are content to roam.

However, had the whole album played from the same place as “Mama’s Gun” and “The Other Side Of Paradise,” it would’ve been a goddamn masterpiece.


Forget about that sweat ridden, Amazonian alternative debut. Glass Animals are ready to blow brains out from “Mama’s Gun” to album’s end, sounding more convinced than they ever were on Zaba.

They’ve sharpened their teeth and are not afraid to bite, capping summer’s end with an existentialist edge and a tribal R&B beat behind the classic oozing vocals and synth work.

Personally, “The Other Side Of Paradise” does just that while waxing politic on the corrupting nature of camera lust:

I miss him don’t you blame me
That boy went stone cold crazy
Caught up in camera lust he’s
Chasing that pappy pipe dream

It’s a testament to Glass Animals’s status as more than just a one-hit wonder. They explore violence, drug use and the surrealism of paradise with confidence while adding new musical tricks to their trade.

And if there’s one thing to take away: we still have no freaking clue where Glass Animals will go next.

Grade: B

Producer(s): Dave Bayley, Paul Epworth

Track Listing:

  1. “Life Itself”
  2. “Youth”
  3. “Season 2 Episode 3”
  4. “Pork Soda”
  5. “Mama’s Gun”
  6. “Cane Shuga”
  7. “Premade Sandwiches”
  8. “The Other Side Of Paradise”
  9. “Take A Slice”
  10. “Poplar St”
  11. “Agnes”

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